UV LED Sterilizer

Brands: Mobile Gear
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Easy sterilization of your phone or other small household items.

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Weight 0.2300
Size 220 x 126 x 45mm
Plug type Aromatherapy function and USB charging
Outpout Power Maximum UV lamp power: 3.7W. Number of UVA LEDs: 2 x 4 pieces. Number of UVC LEDs: 2 x 2 pieces
Input power 5V 1A (USB wall charger not included)
Functionality Sterilization technology: UVC and UVA LED lamp + reflective surface to improve reflection. Disinfection compartment size: 178 x 101 x 24mm. 3 sterilization modes: 5, 10 or 15 minutes
Applications LED lamp life: 50000 hours
Categories: Health products
  • Multifunctional product for the sterilization of smartphones and other small objects such as toothbrushes, jewelry, glasses, masks, etc.
  • UV wavelengths from 230nm to 255nm for optimum sterilization efficiency
  • Aromatherapy function with diffusion of essential oils
  • USB port for recharging mobile phones during disinfection.
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